American Window and Building was started in 1910 by Herold Greenberg. Purchased by the Sandler family in 1964, it was predominantly a window cleaning and sandblasting company. Transition came in later years to incorporate construction and restoration services as a relationship began with Clark Construction which continues today.

Joel Sandler worked at American since he was a teenager under the guidance of his father, Eugene Sandler, who owned and operated the business for 25 years.  Joel has since managed the business with his extensive knowledge of the industry.

Scott Foulger and Paul Davis now own and operate American Building and Window Cleaning . American is at the forefront of our industry by providing excellent service in all aspects of our operations and client relationships. We are constantly working to improve what we do and how we do it. Our goal is to make life easier for Building Owners, Property Managers and Building Engineers by providing this high-quality service with ease of scheduling. communication, and providing the service itself at a competitive price.

Scott Foulger and Paul Davis are working with Joel to help the company to grow with the use of new technology, new safety practices, and new ideas.

We here at American are working hard to, “make it shine, the American way”, in every aspect

Making it shine, the American Way!