American Window and Building Cleaning is a one-stop shop for all your exterior building cleaning needs.

High-rise Window Cleaning

American specializes in cleaning high-rise building interiors and exteriors. We use the latest modern technology to clean them safely and efficiently.

Low-rise Window Cleaning

American provides window cleaning services for street level windows for buildings, stores, shops, restaurants, and all other lower level facilities on a reoccurring basis or as a one time cleaning.

Post-Construction Cleanup

American provides all services for cleaning up post-construction for jobs large and small. Our final clean up team provides the full service for a final clean up on the interior and exterior of the property. We do this with a great janitorial staff for all your restrooms, elevators, hallways and common areas, and of course our highly experienced interior and exterior window cleaners. We also have experienced and well trained pressure washers for parking garages, public areas etc.

Glass Stain Removal

Some windows need more than a cleaning, they need a full restoration. When windows are exposed to the elements for an extended number of years, they develop hard-water calcium deposit stains. American specializes in removing these stains with a Green Seal Certified Compound. Our trained professionals can get these stains rubbed out and have your building glass looking like new.

Pressure Washing

American offers pressure washing for high-rise building skin, low-rise buildings, parking garages, driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and brick with pre-sweeping as an option as well.

Exterior Caulking

We at American are proficient at and offer commercial exterior window caulking. We remove old caulk and backing and replace both. We can replace one window’s caulk or the entire building.