Safe Practices

At the beginning of every year, American has a training for all employees with the Chesapeake Safety Council. They spend time in a classroom setting going over fall protection tools and practices, making sure that we are up to date with OSHA practices and to review any new tools and instruments in our industry and how to properly use them.

Safety is always a top concern, and even more so in this industry. To make sure our window cleaners are as safe as possible, we have implemented a number of new policies to ensure that we never have an accident.

They are as follows:

  • Bi-weekly training for all employees on safe practices for Decent Control Systems, Ladder work, and Lift Operator Controls.
  • Annual retraining on all OSHA regulations regarding construction sites, construction cleanups, decent control systems, ladder work, lift operator controls, and chemical cleaning compounds.
  • Our supervisors are trained to check all of our employee’s equipment and ropes daily to make sure the gear they are using is in good and working condition. They check the knots and tie offs to ensure they will hold without any issues.
  • We meet and exceed OSHA and ANSI standards to ensure our employees never have an accident. We have a great track record that we are very proud of and are continually training and retraining to ensure an accident never occurs.
  • Roof Anchor Inspections.
  • OSHA regulation states that roof anchors must be inspected annually for the safety of those using them. We can provide an independent and third party structural engineer to inspect the roof at a low cost.
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