Scott Foulger, Principal/Chief Executive Officer – Scott owns and manages the company. He is bringing new ideas, technology, and innovation to the operational side of the business to be more cutting edge in the window and building cleaning services. He has added residential pressure washing and window cleaning, caulking, concrete sealing, chandelier cleaning and painting to the services American already provided. He is fluent in Spanish which helps him in day to day operations. He is a believer that the best way to earn more business is by doing an extraordinary job on the opportunities that we currently have.

Javier Fuentes, Operations Manager – Javier manages the crews and jobs at American. He works ensure that the job is completed in a quality manner and that all of the clients wants and needs are met and exceeded. Javier is fluent in both english and spanish and has a background in commercial painting and construction. If you are having work done to your property, chances are that you’ll meet Javier.

Paul Davis, Principal/Chief Financial Officer – Paul owns and manages the company along with Scott Foulger. Paul is bringing his business knowledge from previous experience in finance and business ownership in the New York City and D.C. areas respectively. Paul is continually working on improving the efficiency and organization of the company from within. He manages the finances, accounting, payroll, and all corporate affairs. Paul stays up to date on all organizational advances and technology pertaining to improving the business as a whole.